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Username:peregrine falcon
Member Since:Fri Apr 21 12:30:57 2006
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Slipingpill (by Ria) 2015 Jan 25
RIA (by Ria) 2015 Jan 05
Untitled (by peregrine falcon) 2015 Jan 05
0400-147 196 (by Ria) 2014 Dec 28
         Your number
Spring... (by Ria) 2014 Dec 28
         The light comes...
Still You... (by Ria) 2014 Dec 18
For Just L (by Ria) 2014 Jul 19
Correction (by Ria) 2013 Jul 08
Summer (by Ria) 2013 Jul 08
         What a wonderful word Summer is!
Sailing like crazy... (by Ria) 2013 Jun 01
Love with 4 paws (by Ria) 2013 May 09
         There are many kinds of Love...
Blackbird (by Ria) 2013 May 01
You 20 years ago (by Ria) 2013 Apr 10
         Sooo young :0)
City is mine (by peregrine falcon) 2013 Apr 05
City is mine (by peregrine falcon) 2013 Apr 05
City is mine (by peregrine falcon) 2013 Apr 05
The Spring hurts... (by peregrine falcon) 2013 Mar 29
         Another side of Spring
Peace (by Ria) 2013 Mar 20
         No peace...
Goodbyes (by peregrine falcon) 2013 Mar 16
         So many times...
My eyes... (by Ria) 2013 Mar 12
         Always our Yeys...
You and I (by Ria) 2013 Feb 28
         We remember and remember and remember and...
You (by Ria) 2013 Feb 23
         Du är jätteok, som du är
Fly (by Ria) 2013 Feb 05
         It flies in my kitchen
Sex (by Ria) 2013 Feb 02
Flying in the heaven (by peregrine falcon) 2013 Jan 10
         I don't need a staircase...
New Year's Promises (by Ria) 2012 Dec 29
         I don't make any...
Love all year around (by Ria) 2012 Dec 23
         This is how I feel...
To laugh (by Ria) 2012 Dec 18
         Laughing at you...
Stressed (by Ria) 2012 Dec 12
Fool (by Ria) 2012 Dec 05
         Fools fall in love - and never out of it
Magic (by Ria) 2012 Dec 04
         Life is Magic
Pneumonia (by Ria) 2012 Nov 20
You hate me... (by Ria) 2012 Oct 05
         :0) :0)
YOU can call me anytime (by Ria) 2012 Sep 22
         It is true...
THE Song! (by Ria) 2012 Sep 19
         Just a coincidence?
Eforia (by Ria) 2012 Sep 04
         Moments of atmost Happiness
Fire (by Ria) 2012 Aug 24
         Lauri Tähkäs song Polte
You saw the the best there was in me... (by Ria) 2012 Aug 21
         You still see it...
Feelings (by Ria) 2012 Aug 10
         Memories and Now
This Summer (by Ria) 2012 Jul 29
5.6.1997 (by Ria) 2012 Jun 10
         When I realized I love You...
The Essence of Love (by Ria) 2012 Apr 14
         Think about it...
Champagne and Roses (by Ria) 2012 Apr 11
         Send me Wild Flowers...
Du (by Ria) 2012 Apr 06
         Alltid Du
Friday 30th March (by Ria) 2012 Mar 30
Today... (by Ria) 2012 Mar 21
You - Cold As Ice? (by Ria) 2012 Mar 11
         You hurt me...
Support... (by Ria) 2012 Mar 08
         Snälla Du. Support me...
My brother i sdead (by Ria) 2012 Mar 06
         Taking you own life...
April 2012 Dream continues... (by Ria) 2012 Mar 02
         It's Spring - April comes soon!
April 2012 Dream (by Ria) 2012 Feb 29
         If Dreams would come true...
I HAVE to have Fire in me! (by Ria) 2012 Feb 16
         Finally I have intrest and fire for things!
The Power of Love (by Ria) 2012 Feb 09
         You maybe didn't want it, but...
1997 (by Ria) 2012 Feb 03
         A Magic Year
Thoughts and Dreams (by Ria) 2012 Jan 27
         A Hundred Times...
SPRING! (by Ria) 2012 Jan 27
         How my heart feels...
Feelings -YOU! (by Ria) 2012 Jan 14
         Always You
I Wait for You (by Ria) 2011 Nov 25
         ...for ever
Untitled (by peregrine falcon) 2011 Nov 25
Call Me or Email Me 2007 Dec 29
         A plead...
YOU (by Ria) 2007 Dec 22
         ... ????
I Don't Fight Anymore (by Ria) 2007 Nov 23
         This is how I think....
Hi - "Kirk"! (by Ria) 2007 Oct 29
         Everything in the net is false...
Slowing A Bit... (by Ria) 2007 Oct 25
         I'm not in the rollercoaster anymore.
Rollercoaster... (by Ria) 2007 Oct 25
         I hope this makes you smile...
I was soo Sad, I was angry, I was mad... (by Ria) 2007 Oct 22
         Planets and EVERYTHING are working wrong...
Why DO You hurt Me?? (by Ria) 2007 Oct 19
Today (by Ria) 2007 Oct 16
         Busy... but You always coming back in every step I take...
October 12th 2007 (by Ria) 2007 Oct 12
August 27th 1997 (by Ria) 2007 Oct 09
         Memories of You come over and over again...
Oh! Good Grief! (by Ria) 2007 Sep 17
         REALLY wondering!
Untitled (by Ria) 2007 Sep 17
The only True Love (by Ria) 2007 Aug 31
         I believe there is only one True Love in my life. But I think I could find some other man too to love...
Whatever (by Ria) 2007 Aug 14
Damn You! (by Ria) 2007 Apr 12
         I don't want to be y-o-u-n-g. Here is what I feel and think.
To Be Free 2007 Mar 04
         Letting yourself love someone fully makes you free
Kim 2006 Apr 21

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