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From: Kirk, Blender-Keeper
Date: 7 January 2017

Star of David - in your poems "hate" and "lust" that will soon be on the front page, you used a bit of punctuation that thwrted by usual attempt to make special characters show up correctly - based on context I thought it was either ... or --

do you remember which it was?
From: Kirk, Blender-Keeper
Date: 7 January 2017

Also Just L - I assume "2026" was a typo for 2016?
From: Just L
Date: 7 January 2017

Thank you Kirk! Yes, 2016!!

Thank you for including the Carrie Fisher pieces. Nice touch.

Congrats to all the front page picks, and each and everyone of you who bears a little of your soul each month.
From: Star of David
Date: 9 January 2017

sorry for the delay Kirk, both were long dashes, you can use a small dash there.
and thank you for the picks and the feedback, means a lot to me! Utterly thrilled.
From: Blessed23
Date: 12 January 2017

Congrats to the front page picks!

How was everybody's Christmas and New Year's Eve?
From: Star of David
Date: 18 January 2017

Christmas and NY were low-key for us this time. Miss having extended family in same country to celebrate properly.
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Date: 23 January 2017
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